Contracting Business Leaders:
Our CSR Coaching Program Takes Coaching & Accountability Off Your Plate and Guarantees You Will Book More Calls, "WOW" More Customers & Align Your Team
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Contractors: Do you relate to any of these situations?
  • You’re growing - but you don’t have the time or knowledge to give your CSRs a scalable training and call-handling process
  • Your call booking rates aren’t high enough - you’re paying for calls to come in, but your CSRs are losing too many of them
  • Hearing phone calls make you cringe - they just need to sound better
  • You know your CSRs need training, but you want someone to take it off your plate - which is what we do
  • You realize your CSRs are your first impression - and it’s not the kind of impression you want it to be yet
  • ​You want your CSRs to have more of a “YES” mentality - focusing on what you can do for the customers instead of being negative
  • ​Customers “just want a ballpark price” and your CSRs don’t know how to book those calls
Basically, your CSRs aren’t as good as they can be…

If that’s you, we’re here to help.
This CSR Coaching Program will give you the tools and accountability to take your CSRS to the next level.
It happens in four phases: 
  • First - The Kickoff Training
  • Second - The Strategy Call
  • Third - One-On-One Coaching
  • Fourth - The Progress Call
The Kickoff Training 🚀
The goal of the Kickoff Training is for your whole team, as a group, to learn HOW to:

1) Book the Job
2) WOW the Customer
3) Uncover Additional Revenue Opportunities

It’s a comprehensive training that should leave your team feeling CONFIDENT that they can excel in their role as CSRs. We give them the tools and show them how to use them.
It’s also recorded so that you can use it for any and all new hires you bring on in the future to show them “this is how we answer the phones here!"
The Strategy Call 🧠
This call is where we make sure our coaching strategy is aligned with your goals and expectations.

Each of your CSRs is unique and you probably have certain areas of improvement you’d like them to get better at faster than others. 

The Strategy Call helps us get on the same page as you and your team and ensure we work on the most impactful skills with your CSRs first.
Next, we start…
One-On-One Accountability Coaching 🏅
We coach your CSRs one-on-one over the phone twice a month. 
These coaching sessions last 30 minutes and in them we:
  • Teach them prepared lessons
  • Show them example calls of the best CSRs in the industry
  • Listen to their own recorded calls with them and offer feedback
  • ​Practice the skills they need to improve on NOW
  • ​Set goals for them to pursue before their next coaching session
During the two week in between sessions, we have a team of monitors that listens to their calls so that your coach is prepared with feedback and recordings to use in the next session.

With this level of accountability, if your CSRs are open-minded, it becomes almost impossible for them to NOT improve.
(NOTE: we also CERTIFY your CSRs. Your CSRs pass through 4 levels of certification as their skills improve. When they reach level 4, they become “Power Certified” and receive a certificate from us. It generally takes about 18 months for a CSR to reach full certification - though the time can vary depending on how quickly your CSRs pick up the skills.)
The Progress Call 📈
The Progress Call is a monthly call we hold with you or whomever you delegate to make sure you are seeing the results you want from coaching. 

This is a chance to align our coaching strategy with your goals and expectations and make sure everyone is making good progress.
If there are areas where we could use your support in reinforcing coaching lessons with the CSRs, or if you have challenges you’d like our help in addressing, Progress Calls are key part of communicating those details and making sure you and your team succeed.
Frequently Asked Questions
“How do you access my recorded calls?”
Most of our clients create another set of login credentials for whichever platform they use to hose recorded calls. On softwares like ServiceTitan, this is just another User account.
“Do you teach outbound and dispatch phone skills?”
Yes, we have an entire set of lessons dedicated to both outbound calls and dispatching.
“What do we do when we hire new CSRs in the future?”
We record your Kickoff Training so you can have new hires watch it and take notes while they learn. They’ll also receive the Service-Minded handbook. Then, they’ll begin one-on-one coaching sessions from the beginning just like the rest of your team.
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