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How Do I Get Started? All you need to do is choose an initial training from the training page, decided on a few possible dates for that training, decide how many CSR's will be in the program, then give us a call and we'll get the process going. 

How Long Is The In-person Training? Our Master Trainer will come to your business and give a 4 hr presentation to kick start the program. If you have a big group, we offer having two 4 hr presentations to help keep some of your CSR's on the phone. This is a great opportunity to get your whole company involved and on board with the program. While this training is mostly for CSR's, it's great information for techs to learn how the front lines will be improving, so they can continue those skills in the home. 

How Long Is The Live Webinar? This is about a 1.5 - 2hr webinar that will allow your team to see the presentation and ask questions. This package also gives your team access to our online training for further study and faster progress. Live webinars work well with smaller groups. Bigger groups we recommend having our Master Trainer come out to your company.

How Long Does It Take To Become Power Certified? We have 3 levels in the program and each level can take 4-5 months to pass. Each level will have a practical exam to move on to the next level. When a CSR passes Level 3 they will then be Power Certified. At this level they will understand many advanced strategies and have at least a 85% booking ratio.

How Does The Monthly Coaching Work? Each CSR will have an individual 30 min coaching session twice per month. Our monitoring team will also be pulling calls from your call recording platform for the coaches to listen to during the sessions. During the sessions coaches will teach the lessons, share recorded calls and listening to CSR's calls. Our coaches will also write coaching notes to the managers after evey session and have a monthly manager meeting.

Do I Have To Sign Up With A Contract?Majority of our clients sign up for our month to month program. We have occasionally worked out custom plans under contract for clients to help them get their team trained. With the month to month program we do require a 30 day notice of cancellation. (Terms & Conditions)  

Do We Have To Do The Initial Training?One of the 3 options of initial training will be required to start the program. We find that getting teams on board with the program before they start training with the coach helps things go a lot more smoothly.

Can We Just Do An In-person Training?Absolutely! We can do half or full day trainings without having to be a part of the monthly program. You may choose any of our trainings and we'll be happy to deliver an incredible experience.  

Can I Add CSRs To The Program Going Forward? Yes! Many of our clients experience growth and have to add CSRs. Once you get a new CSR, we can find options to get them on boarded and slide them into the coaching program.