CSR Coaching for The Home Services Industry

Most of your lost revenue is because of unbooked calls. At Power Selling Pros, we coach your CSRs one-on-one, over the phone, twice a month to book more calls, WOW more customers and make more money. Never lose another phone call.

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"I can't imagine doing my business without you. Your coaching is stellar!"

- Brenda Barker, Barker & Sons Plumbing & Heating

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One-On-One CSR & Dispatch Coaching

The companies we work with see a massive ROI because the leads that are already flowing through the pipeline suddenly convert. (Not to mention… our clients’ CSRs leave a first impression that makes callers say “WOW!”)

"Your coaching has been instrumental to our continued growth... our booking percentage has gone from 39% to 83%."

- Chris Morgan, Premier Comfort Services, Inc.

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"I couldn't imagine doing my business without you."

See What Other Owners Are Saying about Power Selling Pros.

I think if it weren’t for you guys and the help and training you offer our people we would have struggled our way through the winter. People went out of business, people struggled and had to lay people off. NOT US. We had to hire more people.
Buddy Smith
Owner, Russel's Heating and Cooling
Power Selling Pros has helped our team understand the fundamental importance of caring immensely for our customers. With an increased focus on providing customers with personalized solutions, our Call Center representatives are delivering value prior to asking for an opportunity to earn their business – setting up the “win-win."
David Caballero
Customer Service Manager, AG Heating and Air Conditioning
He’s brought a methodology to my team to drive sales, improve our culture, and make the job more enjoyable for our folks and for our customers… We look forward to continuing our relationship.
Brad Boren
Owner, Same Day Water Heaters
"Our CSRs really love the program, and they also booked 4 jobs on our newly created urgency list which we didn't have yesterday... The girls were so jazzed and a customer already said today we had, 'First Class Customer Service.'"
Bryan Oksas
Owner, Payless Water Heaters

This isn't a circus.

This isn’t a circus…

Power Selling Pros doesn’t just roll into town one morning, put on a show and then high-tail it out of there. Our philosophy is that training is useless without accountability.

After we train, after we inspire your team to champion the sales and customer service experience, we have a call monitoring team that listens to your CSRs’ calls, plays it back for them and continues the coaching long after the initial training is done.

We do this, again and again, making it impossible for your people to not improve. You will book more calls, WOW more customers and make more money.

– Brigham Dickinson, Founder, Power Selling Pros

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