What We Believe

We believe that when you prioritize people over everything else, everything else falls into place. 

We believe that every interaction with another human being – on the phone, in a home, at work, or in your community – is an opportunity to build a long-term relationship. And it’s those relationships that bring fulfillment into our lives, success into our businesses, and purpose into everything we do. 

That’s why we started Power Selling Pros: to connect people with each other so we can create forward-motion in our lives and businesses.

By teaching a framework that guides people in building likability, trust, and forward progress with others, our company has worked for over 10 years to help companies in the home services industry book more appointments with their inbound leads and “WOW” their customers. 

It started with CSR Coaching

Then, people started us to teach their technicians the same skills…

Then, leaders started asking how these principles might help them…

If you believe what we believe – that the relationships we build with others will bring the greatest fulfillment into our lives – then let’s work together to build a world where people prioritize connection and relationships over “being busy” and selfishness. 

Why the Home Services Industry?

Your service business is the engine that fuels your life.  You’ve invested years of your life to build it.  You spend piles of money on advertising so that when something goes wrong in a person’s home, they’ll call you.  You train your service professionals so they can fix anything, and leave your customers with peace of mind.

But… when customers call and dislike the person who answers the phone, it’s all for nothing.  All the blood, sweat, and tears to build your business, only to watch it struggle because homeowners don’t like who is answering your phones.

That’s just wrong. 

We believe that the only acceptable way to end a phone call is with the customer saying “WOW” and giving you money.  Nothing else will suffice – not after everything you have worked so hard for.

Power Selling Pros trains and certifies call handlers, your customer service reps, to WOW more customers and book more calls.

Here, customer service is religion.  After nearly getting fired because the leads he was generating for a plumbing company weren’t booking appointments over the phone, our Founder, Brigham, cracked the code on excellent call handling.  He trained that company’s CSRs to save his job, and it WORKED.

Today, it works for thousands of other service businesses around the world.  We coach customer service reps using a carefully crafted, proven Pattern for Excellence in customer service.  Each CSR is coached one-on-one, over the phone, using their own calls.  They are tested and monitored by our dedicated team of call monitors.  Eventually, they become certified (the same way you certify your technicians).

The bottom line is that your leads aren’t the problem.  If your losing customers, I’d bet the real problem is that they don’t like talking to your CSRs.  You’ve worked too hard for that though. 

Protect the investments you’ve made in your business by certifying your CSRs to WOW more customers and book more calls.  Because your customers aren’t the only ones who deserve the peace of mind… you do too.

Let’s talk about training your CSRs.  Click the orange button below… your business’s future is waiting.