This Program Aligns Your CSRs to "WOW" Your Customers on Every Call

Your CSRs get one-on-one coaching, twice a month, where we compare their own recorded calls to the best in the industry. You get accountability that leads to results.

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"We know Power Selling Pros is setting us apart from the competition... OUR BOOKING RATES ARE CONSISTENTLY IN THE 90%+ RANGE."
Taylor Romar
Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning

How We Ensure Results:

"Accountability leads to results."

Three Dynamic Benefits:

"I know by listening to our competitors that we have the best CSR team in our area and we owe it to Power Selling Pros."
Lori Cramer
Price Heating & Cooling

How You Make More Money...

⬆ Watch to learn what happens when you book just one more call a day. ⬆

With the right coaching, your CSRs can book at least one more call a day. 

And with an average ticket of $500… 

And 250 working days…

One more call a day means an extra $125,000 in annual revenue PER CSR.

All you have to do is teach them HOW and hold them accountable
And that’s what we do.

The Proven Principles & Practices Your CSRs Will Learn:

Coach Your CSRs to Increase Revenue

"My close rate has increased 6 points and my Net Promoter Score has increased 9 points when comparing the same time frames year over year. I would definitely recommend using Power Selling Pros."
Jo McCabe
Aire Serv
"Everybody should be calling Power Selling Pros. It's definitely increased our booking rate & customer retention."
Gulf Shore
"It's amazing. They way they're guiding my CSRs and me as a manager. It's helped me to be a better manager and it's helped my CSRs be better."
Christina Wagner
FH Air Conditioning
"You will book more calls if you sign up for this program."
Esther White Thomas
David White Services Heating & Cooling

Gain Access to Our Industry-Famous Call-Monitoring Process That Ensures More Calls Get Booked and More Customers Get WOW'ed.

Most companies have no idea how to measure CSR performance. 

They don’t track call conversion, they don’t have principles to determine if “WOW” customer service was provided, and they don’t know how to determine if extra revenue opportunities are being uncovered on the phone.
Our CSR Monitoring Team gives you a clear picture of how your CSRs are performing based on our Pattern for Excellence™️, a process we’ve tested, proven, and trademarked over the last ten years. 

The Monitoring Process: 

Why "WOW" Customer Service Matters Now More Than Ever:

“I cringe when I hear our phone calls…” 

“Something has to change…”

“My ears want to bleed when I listen to our calls…”

These are just a few of the ways that Service Business Owners all over the country share with us the same problem: 

The quality of their CSRs’ phone calls STINKS 💩.

To make matters worse…

Your customers feel the same way. 52% of customers report that they feel customer service is worse now than it was a year ago. 

You might be thinking to yourself “not us… we served 10,000 customers last year…”

But let me ask you this: how many of those customers are recurring maintenance plan members with you today? How many of them will call you again next time there’s a problem?

The future value of your business will be determined by the number and quality of people that do business with you on a recurring basis. It’ll be based on how well you play in the “subscription economy.”


Here’s the deal: 

It’s 2021. You no longer compete with just your fellow Service Businesses…

You compete with every brand and voice in a customer’s head. You compete with all the companies that influence your customer’s expectations.

You compete with:

  • Amazon – and how they’ve influenced your customers to want service fast and cheap
  • Apple – and how they’ve trained customers to expect A+ quality and speed every single time they buy something…
  • Netflix – and how they’ve set the expectation that a service should run so smoothly that there’s no need to contact customer service…
  • Disney – and how they’ve conditioned your customers to expect magic at every corner, perfection in every little detail
  • Google – and how they’ve quite literally changed the way people search for and get answers to their questions…

“But how is a small business owner like me supposed to compete with all that??”

The answer is simple: 

You and your people must care more.

You need to teach yourself and your people to:

  • Be Positive
  • Be Prepared and Confident
  • Listen
  • Care
  • Give Generously, Always Saying “Yes”
  • Proactively Ask for People’s Business
  • Be so Valuable that Working with You is a No-Brainer
  • Be Grateful for Every Opportunity to Serve… Leave no Doubt That You Cherish the Opportunity to Serve a Customer
96.2% of customers say they’ll happily switch to another company if they receive bad customer service. And 62% won’t just switch… they’ll actually pay more for better service.
Let there be no question that when a customer calls your company, they will receive a WOW experience.
Join our CSR Coaching Program today to get your team ready to book more calls and WOW more customers…