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Booking Ratio - With our new certification program, Power Selling Pros trainees will be able to book at least 85% of their calls, regularly create WOW Experiences for their customers and even sale service agreements in as little as 12 months.  What could just ONE more booked call, from each CSR per day do for your company?

Call Library - After 7 years in the business we have acquired an extensive Call Library that we will use to coach your CSR's. In addition to going over the recorded calls from each CSR, we will share with them recordings from the BEST CSR's in the business. We have calls from all over the country as well as from Canada and Australia. They will be able to hear many dynamics in these recordings and develop faster.

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​​1. Power Certification starts by setting the right expectation for what we are looking to hear over the phones. One of our trainers will come out in-person to set that expectation on site during a Power Session or via webinar depending on the kick-off training option you choose​.

How Power Certification Works

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The Power Certification Program creates call handling teams that book at least 85% of their incoming calls with phenomenal customer service and up-selling skills over the phone. We specialize in training your call handing team one-on-one over the phone to BOOK more calls and WOW more customers! We have an amazing program that will teach your call handling team the principles, skills and strategies they need to create long-term client relationships and grow your business. Don't waste your advertising dollars on an untrained call handling team! With The Power Certification Program you'll book more calls, WOW more customers and make more money!

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Training From The CEO - Brigham Dickinson is the CEO and Founder of Power Selling Pros. When it comes to building businesses and coaching, He is one of the most sought after experts in the field. He has created over 30 additional videos that we share with the CSR's in different lessons to give them the BEST understanding of the principles we teach.

3.Our team of call-monitors will pull calls for each trainee before every session to have on file during each coaching call. These recorded calls hold trainees accountable to what they are learning and bridge the gap between knowing how to take great care of customers over the phone and actually doing it call after call!

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Power Coaching Certification

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​​​Certification Program - We have 3 levels to our program that takes your CSR's through an intensive to efficiently and quickly understand the physiology of a call, to hit the human needs, build relationships, identify solutions, learn advanced objection strategies and come away BOOKING the call with a long term client. Our coaches are trained WEEKLY by the best in the business to keep our clients at the TOP! We also send out professional certificates for each level completed. 

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  • And much much more!
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​​2.  Your company will then be assigned a Power Coach to start training your team one-on-one over the phone. Each member on your call handling team will individually have two coaching sessions per month. These sessions last approx 30 mins where your team will learn and practice using the principles and skill set covered in each session.