Many times there are specific things your team needs help in. We are happy to work with you and customize a training for your team. We can give them great insights and ways to improve. 

​​Culture: Having the right vision in a company is important to have everyone moving in the same direction. This discussion brings to attention your team attitude and gives a reality check on having the right perspective individually as we as a whole. There is great power in having a unified team and a camaraderie to achieve the company's goals.

Our CSR’s implemented just one technique that Power Selling Pros teaches and we made 4 times our investment back in just one month! We highly recommend Power Selling Pros! - Michelle Johnson

Level 2

Your team will get a great introduction to our intermediate program. They will go over insights and strategies that will make them powerful.

 The Industry: The industry is changing and this discussion will bring to light what needs to be done to stay competitive. The customer experience is also changing and the demands are different than ever before. To stay at the top of the game, we all will need to understand the market changes that are happening around us.

I would like you to know what a tremendous job that Stephen did at our employee training sessions this week. We’ve received great feedback from all branches on the training and I think our team members felt very good about the investment that Koch Air made in their success. We received many comments that it was the best training that they have received here. Kudos to you and your team! - Amy Watson

We Bring Powerful In-Person Training Onsite!


For a company to reach that next level, there needs to be in place a vision, purpose, mission, etc. Team members will go above and beyond their duties because of a strong belief system. We'll help you develop a culture of core values that your team can believe in and grow into a strong team.  

Ongoing Trainings

Stephen Dale brings over 15 years experience as an operations manager in the home services industry working for two large MEP companies in the Dallas Texas area. Having run and grown a $40 million company, he understands what it takes to reach success and the importance of team skills. His diversified empirical knowledge is derived through extensive training from the following operations: Nexstar Network, Service Nation Alliance, Business Development Resources, Anthony Robbins Corporation, Airtime 500; just to name a few. He holds a MBA from Texas A&M and a B.A. from Abilene Christian University. His training style is unique through his ability to connect with others at all levels through humor, knowledge, and class participation. His passion for the home services industry illuminates through his ability to discover client’s pain points and help provide solutions for success together.

Level 1 Power Training Kickoff


When your leadership is on point, your company can thrive. Give your management staff the right mindset, tools, strategies to take your company to the next level.  

​​Putting it all into practice! Your team will be put into pairs repeatedly to practice the strategies and principles covered in the training. The Power Trainer will supervise each group during the role-plays and help each member on your Call Handling Team develop the skills and master the principles that will help them book more calls, WOW more customers, and make you more money. It will be an epic training experience for your Call Handling Team.

A+ Rated Trainer by students at Carrier, Trane and many other trainings around the country.

Once a training date is set with your team, we'll fly out our Power Trainer to kick start the Power Certification Program. We will deliver an in-person training so powerful that your company will see the vision, catch the vision, understand the skills to "Book More Calls, WOW More Customers" and help develop a company culture that will rally your team around you.

​​​Pattern For Excellence: Intro of the principles taught in the Power Certification Program and the mindset that your call handling team should have when answering the phone. The Trainer will demonstrate how this works by showing the best practice, role playing and allowing your staff to ask about client objections and different pushback. He will discuss how each principle affects your clients and allows for the caller's dynamic to change into a call that is more bookable. 

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When your Techs and CSR's know how to sell additional services, your company can see a big boost in revenue. Your team will learn how to monitize the call center and your company will be able to own the wall in your clients homes.

Power & Leadership Trainer

4 Hour Session - (This first training will kickstart the program for Level 1 and your team will see the power this program will give them! We can deliver two of the same trainings to help with schedules. Morning & Afternoon.)

If you want to create loyal customers, regardless of price, you must have motivated employees who are dedicated to delivering WOW Experiences! We offer quarterly in-person trainings to bring your team the vital tools for success. One of the biggest factors to company growth is having everyone in the company with the right mindset and vision. This is especially important with the leadership of the company.


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"Stephen, You did a truly great job and I am very excited to get our team started with ongoing coaching. I have taken training from some of the greatest trainers in our industry and you are a Top Gun trainer without a doubt."- Brain Carpenter, Owner of Mark Carpenter Plumbing

Level 3

This training will prepare your team to enter into our advance program. At this level your team will be unstoppable! Once they pass the Level 3 exam they will be "Power Certified" 

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