Over 100 Neighborly Companies Book More Calls With Power Selling Pros' Customer Service Coaching

As a Neighborly brand, you receive $1,000 off (more than 50%) your Onboarding Training when you join Customer Service coaching.

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Book More Calls, WOW More Customers & Make More Money

Onboarding Training Teaches Our Step-By-Step Customer Service Process

A Dedicated Monitor Listens to Your Inbound Calls to Find Opportunities

Your Reps Get Two One-On-One Coaching Sessions Every Month

Your CSRs get two one-on-one coaching sessions every month after their Onboarding Training.

Dedicated To

Your Growth

Where most training companies roll into town, deliver a single “How-To” training and leave, our Onboarding Training is just the beginning

After it’s done, we coach your Customer Service Representatives one-on-one, twice a month over the phone, holding them accountable to long-term results.

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Accountability & Results 📈

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, more appointments on your calendar because your CSRs book more calls. 

Second, a better customer experience. Owners sometimes express “it’s hard to listen to” their CSRs’ calls. That problem will go away.

Third, more revenue. We train your CSRs to offer additional services, sell maintenance plans and make outbound calls.

The vast majority of our clients create another “User” account in their CRM or call recording software so we can log in and listen to them. 

If that makes you uncomfortable, you can email us your calls or share them via DropBox.

We invite you to have as many people as possible attend your initial training. It’s $950 for Neighborly brands to get their whole team trained.

Although rare, it can happen. Our philosophy is that it’s better to train someone so that they’ll stay than not train them because they might leave. 

Plus, your CSR only needs to book 3-5 more calls in their first month for you to get a positive ROI.

Yes. Once a month, your team’s coach will meet with you (or whomever you delegate) to discuss progress. We want to make sure our coaching strategy is aligned with your company goals 100% of the time.

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