Find Quality Team Members Ready to WOW!

Research shows the hiring process takes between 20-60 hours a week until a hire is made and that it takes up to six months for a new hire to be completely productive and generate income for the business.

We Will Save You Time and Money

Let us do the hard work, save you time and get the right person on your team.

How It Works:


1. Tell us about your company culture and position requirements

2. We post the job, review resumes and conduct interviews

3. We recommend the perfect team member

Forget the stress and time investment of searching for candidates, reviewing resumes, and conducting initial interviews

Receive a full, detailed report of who was interviewed and why the three top candidates were chosen

Guarantee that if a new hire does not work out in 30 days, we will find a replacement free of charge.

PLUS new hire receives 30 days free access to PSP HQ to begin training immediately