Sales Confidence Training for The Home Services Industry

We Coach Your Technicians & Professional Salesmen One-On-One to Out-Serve Your Competition So You Have the Confidence to Charge Full Price

The Benefits of Sales Confidence Coaching:
  Sales Numbers Go Up
  Your Service Professionals Have the Confidence to Sell More and Grow Your Business
  You Can Actually Charge More Because Your Guys Bring More Value to the Customer
  They’re Fully Engaged With You and Don’t Look for Other Work
  Your Whole Team is Aligned Around a Consistent Customer Experience
How We Ensure Results:
  We teach your team our trademarked Pattern for Excellence, THE proven framework to jolt your team's Sales Confidence.
  You get a dedicated coach who works with each of your guys one-on-one, twice a month, to practice with them and hold them accountable to results.
  Every month, we hold a progress call with you (or whomever you delegate) to make sure our coaching strategy is aligned with your highest goals and priorities.
Must-See SALES CONFIDENCE Training Videos:
VIDEO 1: The Mindset That Enables Companies to "WOW" Their Customers
VIDEO 2: When You Focus on People, The Money Comes
VIDEO 3: How Training Impacted Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical


“I have been to Tony Robbins events and others where I paid a lot of money to be trained and motivated and I was absolutely blown away with Power Selling Pros’ ability to keep people’s attention as well as get and keep them engaged!”

– Air Experts & Raleigh Heating and Air
“I’ve sat in on literally hundreds of training workshops both as a participant and as the CEO that’s paying for the training and wondering if it’s going to deliver on our expectations. The feedback was unanimously positive. Exceeded my expectations by ten-fold. I would tell anybody who’s considering using Power Selling Pros to go for it.”

- Alan O'Neal, Owner, Abacus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
"We converted a team of techs into a team of professionals this week and we are going to work to make some large and lasting changes. Stephen stoked enough disturbance in our leadership team that I feel confident our focus and enthusiasm will ensure the enforcements necessary. Thank you for this incredible opportunity and for providing such a quality trainer that connected with every single person on my organizational chart."

- Buffy Busik, Mountain View Heating & Cooling
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