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Leave Your Customers Better Than You Found Them

See if your business can grow with Coaching – over 350 contracting businesses work with Power Selling Pros to Coach thousands of their CSRs, Technicians & Leadership Teams.

Count your chickens before they hatch.

You spend a lot of money on training. A lot of money. 

But, if you’re like many HVAC and Plumbing companies, you find yourself scratching your head at how all that money seems to wind up being for nothing, since after three short months your people are back to their old habits. 

That’s because you don’t need more training. You need coaching. You need ongoing, one-on-one, accountability coaching for each member of your team. That way, it becomes almost impossible to not see lasting change.


CSR Coaching

Do you smell smoke? You should. We walk in your shop with a can of gasoline and a box of matches, stuff your scripts in an overflowing waste bin and start a fire. The Office style. Not literally. But, we do burn your scripts because we love you and know it’s what’s best for you. By burning the scripts we make room for a little something called “instinct”. We teach the folks selling at your company to be adaptable and nimble in the hundreds of situations where a customer goes off script. We do this by teaching sales and customer service principles.

Persuasion Coaching for Technicians & Comfort Consultants

Call us old-fashioned (seriously, it’s a compliment) but we believe a wowing customer experience begins with the greeting. Not a cheesy ra-ra hands-in-the-air greeting. But rather how a technician pulls up to a home, how he shakes the hand of the customer and, more so, how he steps into the customer’s shoes and understands their fears, frustrations and reservations. We teach your people not just how to sell but how to outserve every other contractor in your market. And, by out-serving your competitors, once your people present homeowners with the option to work with them, it’s an obvious “yes”.

Owner Coaching

When was the last time you took a vacation that could actually be described as a vacation? No calls to check-in on the boys at the shop. No fires to put out from afar. No laptops on the beach. Our guess is never. That's the problem our Owner Coaching is designed to solve. We teach you how to take inventory, become a leader, and delegate the work you simply no longer need to do. So you can reap the benefits an owner should reap.

Management Coaching

No one teaches your people how to be better managers. And yet, it's the hardest job in the company. It's the hardest because everything breaks in the middle. We teach your managers how to become "employee whisperers." We teach them how to ask profound questions, come up with creative and efficient solutions to common problems, and keep your entire company engaged in the operations that make you money.

We exist to serve service-minded people.

That's you... the Home Services Industry.


“We hear our team answering the phones now, and we smile. I just can’t believe it… The results have been very dramatic. We’re 5 stars on Google, customers are so happy, customers say they are thrilled. It’s absolutely changed our culture for the better. I would never not partner with Power Selling Pros… It’s the real deal.”


“Your coaching has been instrumental to our continued growth. I will forever be grateful to Power Selling Pros for a job well done and will continue to refer you guys to my colleagues. Since we’ve been working with you and PSP our booking percentage have gone from 39% to 83%.”

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