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Motivational Persuasion Coaching

“I have been to Tony Robbins events, Keith Cunningham and others where I paid a lot of money to be trained and motivated and I was absolutely blown away with Power Selling Pros’ ability to keep people’s attention as well as get and keep them engaged!”

– Air Experts & Raleigh Heating and Air

Expert Coaches

Our trainers combine for well over 50 years of experience selling high-ticket products and creating "WOW" experiences for HVAC & Plumbing Customers.

Proven Principles of Persuasion

Over 12 years, we've mastered a pattern of principles that are guaranteed to help your guys become more persuasive.

Straightforward Tactics

Exact phrases, scripts, techniques and posture to use to influence more of your customers to buy from you - and you ONLY.

Outrageous Confidence

Your guys won't just "fix stuff" - they'll have the confidence to open their mouth and grow your business.

It starts with "Hello."

Call us old-fashioned (seriously, it’s a compliment) but we believe a WOW customer experience begins with the greeting. Not a cheesy ra-ra hands-in-the-air greeting. But rather how a technician pulls up to a home, how he shakes the hand of the customer and, more so, how he steps into the customer’s shoes and understands their fears, frustrations and reservations. We teach your people not just how to sell but how to outserve every other contractor in your market. And, by out-serving your competitors, once your people present homeowners with the option to work with them, it’s an obvious “yes”.

Stephen Dale

Matt Maleske

Don’t just take our word for it


“I’ve sat in on literally hundreds of training workshops both as a participant and as the CEO that’s paying for the training and wondering if it’s going to deliver on our expecta- tions. The feedback was unanimously positive. Exceeded my expectations by ten-fold. I would tell anybody who’s considering using Power Selling Pros to go for it.”

Alan O'Neal, Owner, Abacus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

"We converted a team of techs into a team of professionals this week and we are going to work to make some large and lasting changes. Stephen stoked enough disturbance in our leadership team that I feel confident our focus and enthusiasm will ensure the enforcements necessary. Thank you for this incredible opportunity and for providing such a quality trainer that connected with every single person on my organizational chart."

Buffy Busik, Mountain View Heating & Cooling

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